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Web Analytics

iMax sites provide the ability to generate a variety of analytical reports, which determine the effectiveness of your site in terms of general web traffic and both member and property activity. With iMax you can:
  • View how often any property was viewed by all iMax members

  • Identify your most active buyers

  • Track buyer engagement using the Member Activity Report, available via daily automatic email

  • Rank members with your own unique, customizable ranking system

  • Download data for export

  • Add the free Google Analytics site activity tracking tool
iMax will also register your site with search engines that offer complimentary site submission (Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, Bing, and Alta Vista). Through iMax's training tutorials and educational sessions, we also provide subscribers with valuable tips to maximize your site's SEO and grow your visitor and registered member base.

For those individuals who seek to make a greater investment in SEO, iMax also offers SEO consulting services.