New Automated CMA Reports: Market Trends Report and Property Valuation Report

Our enhanced CMA software now auto-calculates the local Market Trends and generates a Property Valuation Report.

Sample Reports:

The Market Trends Report uses arrows to indicate the direction of the data and the color of the arrows indicate the direction of the trend: Green indicates a Positive Trend, Red indicates a Negative Trend and Black indicates the Trend is Unchanged.

How to Set Up the New Reports:

The new reports are accessed from the CMA Editor screen for each of your CMAs.

How To Setup A Market Trends Report:
1. Click Edit > "Market Trends" button on the CMA Editor page to view the Market Trends Report Settings page.
2. Select two comparative periods. The default setting compares the most recent 3 month to the same year earlier period.
3. Select your market area which can be: 1 county or 10 towns or 20 areas of towns.
4. After you have selected your market area, click the "Save Changes and Update Reports" button.
5. When the Market Trends Report has been generated, click the "View Report" button.

How To Setup A Property Valuation Report:
1. Click Edit > "Property Valuation" button on the CMA Editor page to view the Property Valuation Report Settings page.
2. Fill in the Property Valuation settings page. The settings default to using the most recent 3 months of data, but you are able to customize this.
3. Click the "Save Changes and Update Reports" button. When it finishes processing, click the "View Report" button.

How To Include These New Reports In A CMA
Both the Market Trends Report and Property Valuation Report can be included in your downloaded CMA.
1. Click the "Download CMA and Selected Marketing Materials" button on the CMA Editor page
2. Select the Market Trends and Property Valuation selection boxes
3. Click the "Click here to build your CMA" button at the bottom of the Download CMA page





A Prospecting Metaphor from the Animal Kingdom

The KCM Blog recently posted a very interesting metaphor on prospecting from, get this, the animal kingdom. Well, sort of the animal kingdom. It wasn't exactly the Sahara desert, but rather a group of ducks in search of table scraps at a hotel restaurant in California.

KCM's Steve Harney observed all of the ducks acting the same way, fighting over food after diners finished eating and left a table, except for one duck. That one duck had a more effective plan in mind.

Taking a page out of the playbook of many dogs across the world, this duck approached would be diners as soon as their food was brought out to them, requested some morsels, and was rewarded with a perfect success rate, getting food from each table that was approached.

KCM equates this enterprising duck with a real estate agent who decides to make things happen rather than waiting for things to happen. 

Check out the full tale and advice for real estate agents at KCM Blog:

Massachusetts Realty Company Using Drones to Showcase Luxury Properties

A Massachusetts Real Estate Company located in the Berkshires, Tucker Welch Properties, is using drones - yes you heard that right, drones, to showcase luxury properties. Recently, the company utilized drones to create a 2 minute video of a 27 acre property for sale in Richmond, MA. The property is currently listed for 5.9 million.

While this is possibly a first in Massachusetts, real estate agents have made use of drones for similar purposes in both New York and Chicago. Tucker Welch Properties decided to give this marketing strategy a try as the property has been on the market for approximately a year now. 

Aerial photography has been utilized in the marketing of high end real estate properties for years, but this use of drones is quite a bit newer. What do you think about it? Good idea or a bit unnerving? 

Read the full article here:

This Friday, November 1st, Amazon Will Start Collecting Massachusetts Sales Tax

It was announced late last year, and unfortunately for Massachusetts residents, it will begin later this week. Namely, the deal struck between the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and online retailer last December by which Amazon will begin collecting the Massachusetts' 6.25% state sales tax, will go into effect this Friday, November 1st. So, only a few days remain for tax-free shopping on Amazon.

The deal will be in place just in time for the upcoming holiday shopping season. Massachusetts anticipates they will be able to collect over 36 million dollars in revenue during the 2014 fiscal year due to Amazon collecting sales tax. 

More information can be found here:

and here:

Recent "Contingent" Status Changes in Our System

Here is information on recent "Contingent" status changes in our system, reflected throughout our system including property search, CMAs, and Market Intelligence Reports:

- MLSPIN's old "Showing for Backup" (previously "Active with a Flag") changed to Contingent, and is Contingent in iMax

- NNEREN's "Active with Contract" is now Contingent in iMax

- StateWide's "Active/Pending Soliciting Back-up Offers" is now Contingent in iMax