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A Prospecting Metaphor from the Animal Kingdom

The KCM Blog recently posted a very interesting metaphor on prospecting from, get this, the animal kingdom. Well, sort of the animal kingdom. It wasn't exactly the Sahara desert, but rather a group of ducks in search of table scraps at a hotel restaurant in California.

KCM's Steve Harney observed all of the ducks acting the same way, fighting over food after diners finished eating and left a table, except for one duck. That one duck had a more effective plan in mind.

Taking a page out of the playbook of many dogs across the world, this duck approached would be diners as soon as their food was brought out to them, requested some morsels, and was rewarded with a perfect success rate, getting food from each table that was approached.

KCM equates this enterprising duck with a real estate agent who decides to make things happen rather than waiting for things to happen. 

Check out the full tale and advice for real estate agents at KCM Blog: