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Recent "Contingent" Status Changes in Our System

Here is information on recent "Contingent" status changes in our system, reflected throughout our system including property search, CMAs, and Market Intelligence Reports:

- MLSPIN's old "Showing for Backup" (previously "Active with a Flag") changed to Contingent, and is Contingent in iMax

- NNEREN's "Active with Contract" is now Contingent in iMax

- StateWide's "Active/Pending Soliciting Back-up Offers" is now Contingent in iMax

Market Intelligence Absorption Rate Reports and Charts Renamed Closing Rate

Per an excellent suggestion by one of our customers (we welcome suggestions and feedback), the Market Intelligence "Absorption Rate" reports and charts have been renamed "Closing Rate." For those who aren't familiar with these reports / charts, the Closing Rate shows the rate at which properties sell per month or per price band - in other words, of the total properties that were for sale, what % of them sold. To use the Closing Rate Reports and Charts, login to your web site and click Reports in the upper left. Then scroll down to the Market Intelligence Report section.


Infographic: The iMax Business Hub

Today's real estate agent takes advantage of many types of online technology, as well as more traditional means of promoting their real estate business. Every universe tends to have a center, and iMaxWebSolutions is specifically designed with this in mind. iMaxWebSolutions is designed to be at the very center of every real estate agent's business universe: a business hub that all other technologies and means of promotion can be directed back to, a business hub that is open 24 / 7.   

Infographic: The 12 Systems of iMax. Are you Using iMax to the Fullest?

Video: Showing Management System - Buyer Showings and Showing Feedback

iMaxWebSolutions offers a comprehensive Showing Management System, which allows real estate agents to create detailed Showing Schedules for their buyers and gather Showing Feedback for their listings. In this video, Kenny MacCarthy provides you with everything you need to know about these powerful features: